colourful bridal bouquet??

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onewilldo Posts: 337
Hi, I have contacted 3 florists about flowers and got different reactions. I was thinking of a calla lily/rose bouquet using bold colours, something bright that would stand out in our photos but 2 florists said "absolutely not"! They said the brides bouquet should be neutral so that everyone looks at the bride and not her flowers as she enters the church-it makes sense but i still think id prefer something bright. 1 florist said "yes thatd be lovely". I would love your opinions on this as if a bright bridal bouquet looks too mad then i wont go for it? :-8
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
i would definitely go for a bright coloured bouquet. i am hoping to having my bm's in an orange colour (dessy - firecracker) so am thinking ivory roses along with orange tulips or something like that. my sister had fushia pink gerberas like in the photo with pink and cream roses and it was fab. she had matching fushsia pink shoes ... CEcQ9QEwBg
fuzzy123 Posts: 473
I'm the same want a coourful bouquet always think the plain ones look boring
vidia Posts: 2960
If Im honest, I love a bit of colour in the bouquets, whats the point of having a bouquet that blends into your dress? You might as well not bother!! Thats just my opinion tho... I still think everyone will focus on the bride and marginally notice the bouquet!! For all the bouquets that I remember - the colourful ones stood out the most, go with your gut Id say!
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
I'm in two minds about this.....meeting our florist in a couple of weeks to talk about it. He has said a neutral one is best as if you have a very colourful one it will stand out as you are walking up the aisle and also will stand out in photos! He said that YOU need to be centre of attention, not your bouquet!! It makes sense but still have to decide!
flor Posts: 1621
it amazes me what i read on here about what florists have said to wollies about their ideas! it just comes across as so unimaginative on the part of the florists, like they have a set bouquet that they do for every wedding & that's it! colourful bouquets are gorgeous & all eyes will be on you regardless of whether you go for colourful or plain! there are loads of pics online of brides carrying colourful bouquets & they are all beautiful & come out really well in the pics, so thumbs up here for colourful bouquets!
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
I love colourful bouquets, much more interesting, I always admire the flowers whether they are plain or colourful, but I really love colour, and think it shows more personality and confidence.
missussunshine Posts: 513
:wv No question.. go with your gut. I think the colourful flowers would be beautiful, its obviously something you want and therefore reflects your personality so go with it. Maybe give your bridesmaids neutral bouquets so yours stands out more if you're worried abour that. my girls are quite colourful as it is so they're gonna have plain white flowers and im gonna have the colour.
nelle Posts: 552
To be honest, I think it's each to their own. I think that bright flowers are lovely for brides. Personally, I don't really want plain white flowers but I'm not going for uber-bright coloure either, more muted colours. But that's just cos my bms will be in a muted colour and my dress is lace and the really bright colour wouldn't suit. So, all in all, as Burger King say, have it your way!!! :wv
ciaraella Posts: 5323
I had cream roses myself but SIL got married in May and had a white dress and red roses and i thought they looked gorgeous and really well in the photos.