Hi all, Just looking for a bit of advice, went for my first smear last November and nurse got doctor in to double check what she was seeing, apparently it was an ectropion. So she said it was nothing to worry about that it can happen through hormonal changes from being on the pill. My smear came back perfectly normal but she had me referred to get a closer examination done to be on the safe side. So fast forward almost a year and my partner and I decide to stop the pill to get my periods regular in the hope we will start TTC. A week later I get an appointment to go up to Dr Harkins clinic in Drogheda. The GP told me it was likely my ectropion would disappear when I would come off the pill, so I postponed the examination until November time to hopefully give it time to disappear! So I guess my questions are, has anyone been for one before? Is it possible to have my partner in with me while the doctor is checking me out? (bf is a farmer so is well used to looking at odd things lol!) I know it seems stupid but I wanna know as much as possible (I just got a letter with my date to go, no directions where to go in the hospital, what to wear, can I eat before hand?) So yeah as much info as possible would be great! Do I have to wear a horrible hospital gown? can I eat before it? Is there much bleeding after it? Any replies would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!