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bx Posts: 288
hi i know im not in the right forum but old faithful alwys seems to get the most response!! ive just found out my 2nd smear is still abnormal and that im being referred to the coombe for a colposcopy, im quite nervous and wondered if any of ye have had to go through this and could give me abit of advice?? i posted in health too. many thanks bx
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
Hi Bx, Firstly hun, you have nothing to worry about! I know thats easier said than done, but really you haven't! I have had 4 colposcopy's over the last 2 years! I have to have a check up every 6 months, and my next one is on Monday coming as it happens! Its a little embarrassing the first time, but basically, the doctor is just using some dye and a telescope to check out for 'abnormal cells'! When I get mine, you can see the monitor and exactly what the doc is doing! Its NOT sore, its just uncomfortable, no worse than a smear really. This abnormality can rectify itself, its just a pre-cautionary measure that they use to make sure that the cells don't get worse. If you want more details you can PM me if you like! HTH Sue :wv
Not so Bridie Posts: 273
I had a colposcopy in the Coombe too and to be honest it was horrible. I had a doctor who didn't seem to know what she was doing and kept moving the equipment. She wasn't exactly sympathetic to my tears either. A couple of tips for it though - if you know anyone who can get you valium, do so and take it bring a book to read while waiting bring your other half in with you, hand hold helps! bring a sanitary towel (if you've the Lletz procedure there'll be bleeding) take the full day off work and (if you've Lletz) take the next day off too take it easy for the rest of the day and have someone else drive you home remember, that this is for your own good. After my lletz, my next two smears are clear and the Coombe don't want to see me again.
Mrs.Dee Posts: 372
Just to say, I had one done before and while it is v.embarrassing it's not sore. As a previous poster said it's a little uncomfortable but it doesn't take long. I took the rest of the day off, DH brought me home and we had a duvet afternoon. I felt a little shakey after but I had myself so hyped up beforehand - you know the way us women can get!! There is honostly nothing to worry about. Try not to think about it too much - you'll only have yourself tied in knots!! Turned out that I didn't have to get any treatment, the cells fixed themselves. Best of luck.
freesia1 Posts: 12
hi there, I also had colposcopy followed by Lletz treatment ~ while its a horrible procedure its tolerable and absolutely necessary . Hats off to any and all women who get regular smear tests. I have had a baby since the Lletz and my last smear came back normal so its nothing to worry about when you have it caught at such an early stage. :wv
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Hi bx, I've had quite a few colposcopys over the last few years, and you don't have anything to worry about. The embarrassment is no worse than when you have a smear done, and remember, the doctors do this all day every day. It's all over with in minutes, it's not painful, just a little uncomfortable. Do bring a sanitary towel with you, they will give you one but you know what hospitals are like - the ones they give you feel like nappies! There is no need to resort to valium, unless you're extremely worried and anxious about it, I certainly wouldnt recommend it to anybody. Just relax, once it's over you will wonder what you were worrying about, you will be fine.
loveheart Posts: 686
Hi - I have also said this procedure done and they then cauterised and burnt off the cells (is this the Lleftz procedure?). Anyway, it wasn't too bad but if I had to get one done again I would def take the whole day off. I went back into work after mine and it just wasn't the right thing to do.
dulchiebride Posts: 69
Hi dx, I have had 2 procedures donw and my doc todl me that it is normal procedure if a couple of your smears come back abnormal, nothing to worry about. It is slightly uncomfortable but more embarassing (though i watched everything on a monitor beside me, which took my mind off it), unfortunately I had a pig of a doctor, I got the big lecture about smoking etc. Even if there is a slight abnormal cell, a big percentage (i think its 80%) clear up on their own (mine did). Dont worry, just think of it as another smear. I would bring a book because you may be waiting a while. I would be all for spoiling yourself afterwards....why not!! :wv
bx Posts: 288
thanks so much all of you, your all so good to reply, you have all put my mind at rest so thanks again x x :thnk bx
foxybox Posts: 672
hi bx, I too have had this done, and I am a real prude. Nun like almost. But like everyone says, it isn't sore, just like a smear really. Just think, the day I was told that this is what I required, I was examined by a student gyno who was so obviously younger than me that I texted my sister saying, ' If he says get up on the table and spread them, I am going to die!'. He had left the room momentarily, but came back, and uttered the magic words. If I survived that, you can survive anything!!! :o0 :o0 :o0 :-8