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MrsRugby Posts: 1532
Girls another question ......... Just in relation to GP, I only went once to confirm pregnancy & nothing since, I am now 7weeks according to my dates. Still waiting on combined care card should this list dates for me ? How long are you waiting for card? What exactly is the procedure? Thanks :wv
Isy Posts: 89
Hi MrsRugby. Congrats on the pregnancy!! I didn't get my GP combined card until I was 14 weeks, I went back to doc as I wasn't feeling well and was given it then. Did the doc give you another appointment time for doc? Doc will send your details to the hospital so you should get a letter from them in a few weeks giving you a 20 wk scan and hospital app. I'd assume the hospital will give you a combined card if u don't have a doc appointment.
volvic35 Posts: 1118
Girls I too had my pregnancy confirmed but didn't get a card only a letter to send to the hospital whats the next step
MrsRugby Posts: 1532
Thanks Isy! No I got no other appointment from my own doctor. I was told they are sending all my info to hospital and told me i should get card / letter soon ..... should i just sit tight and wait until i get notification ? If thats the case I will probably be 14weeks or so before anyone see's me ?? O god its all just so head wrecking :eek
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Hiya Mrs Rugby, well i'm 28wks now and still haven't received any card. I was told some HSE offices aren't sending on cards now! I'm off to gp midwife tomorrow so will see what the story is then. Anyway when I confirmed pg, my gp told me to book in for 12wk checkup with him. That could have been though cause I'd already been onto hospital and first hospital apt wasn't until 19wks. You could give the surgery a ring and ask them to clarify apts. Have you got first apt from hospital? If not I'd def give them a ring and ask. If it's 14 wks then you prob are ok to wait until then.
tipp Posts: 275
I dont physically have a card I just have the appointment card (maybe that's it) they give you at the 1st scan. I didnt get scanned until 14 weeks so didnt see anyone until then. There is no need to go to your GP unless you don't feel well of course. When I went for the 1st scan they gave me app for next scan & when to see GP in the mean time, I think it was 4 weeks to scan ~&2 weeks to GP This is the way it has continued You bring the card with you to every visit ie scan & GP & your records are kept on that!! Hope that helps!!! Did you decide to go with Clonmel?
cuisle Posts: 93
Hiya Mrs Rugby I am also seven weeks gone and am going combined care. My GP gave me my card when I went to confirm my pregnancy and the following week I also got an empty card from my local health service. But nothing about my next appointment with the hospital or my GP. Last week I rang the health board, who referred me to the hospital who then referred me back to my GP's office. They then told me that they had sent me referral letter to the hospital but I probably will not hear from them until my 16th week when I will get my appointment for my first scan which she said would probably be in my 20th week. Hope that helps. How is your pregnancy going?
MrsRugby Posts: 1532
Thanks so much girls, Its seems to vary in places. Its all this bloody waiting around for this letter / form / appointment that bugs me, I have no patience :-8 . If i dont hear anything from anybody by week 12 think I will make appointment to see my GP Cuisle, I am feeling fine, I dont have much sypthoms at all, wish I was a bit sicker IUKWIM :o0 I suppose it will come in time tho ! This is my first so I suppose I am over analysing everything :-8 Hi Tipp, yes have decided to go public and with clonmel. Might come across you someday up in St. Marys :wv thanks again for all your advice Cheers :thnk
tilsun Posts: 4506
I still have not got the card either. I didn't wait for it though. Got my pregnancy confirmed at 4 weeks and then am not in hospital until 16 weeks so I rang doc and asked for a check-up at 10 weeks. Not much to it , just tested urine and blood pressure. Give them a ring and they'll suggest the right time for an appointment
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
Girls, I wouldn't be waiting to hear from the hospital. My GP told me ring them up for first appointment and dating scan. I did this and then got next hospital appointment at my first one IYKWIM. You sould visit your GP in between hospital visits. It's up to you to make the appointment or just go to the clinic if your GP has one. Basically you will be seen every second month by the hospital and then it's up to you to go the GP on the alternate months. HTH.