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maryj Posts: 48
Good Morning all, Hope everyone is doing well? Quick question - I went for my 20 week scan 3 weeks ago and thank God everything went well. My gyne said come back in 8 weeks. I asked her did I need to see the doc in the mean time and she said no that myself and babs were healthy. I just think thats a long time without getting the normal checks done, BP, urine etc. Anyone else have those gaps or is that normal practise? Thanks
babybliss Posts: 437
I just cheked my appointment card, the standard is: 24 weeks - GP 28 weeks - GP (or hospital if this is your first baby) 30 weeks - GP 32 weeks - Hospital 34 weeks - GP 36 weeks - Hospital 37 weeks - GP 38 weeks - Hospital 39 weeks - GP 40 weeks - Hospital
Crostini Posts: 1105
do youave your combined care card? it has on there the recommended visit times by week. I haven't mine with me so can't remember what they are but they were pretty regular!
Maybump Posts: 527
I've been attending the hopital only a my gp doesn;t do combined care. My appointments were 5 or 6 weeks apart depending on what was happening around then like christmas and easter. I had an appointment at week 34 and my next one isn't until week 39. I thought I would of been going more regular near the end but said I didn't need to but If I'm worried i'll be onto my doctor straight away. [url=] [img:2zr29a5t];19;96/st/20090426/dt/5/k/aebc/preg.png[/img:2zr29a5t] [/url]