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keabea Posts: 148
hi girls does anyone know how I go about registering for combined care with my GP? I'd assumed my GP would have the forms etc, but when I went around yesterday there was a locum there who said that while my GP does combined care, I have to pick up a form myself and bring it with me next time I visit. He didn't know where I could get form, nor did he know how often I should visit GP. TBH he didn't seem to have a clue. Can anyone tell me where you get the forms/how often you need to visit GP etc? Thanks a mill
Greece Posts: 1800
That sounds weird!!! Anyone I know who is pregnant, including me, got the forms from GP. They filled it out and I signed it, they sent it off then and that was it. never received any info back or anythign but not a lot of people did, its the HSE you are dedline with but I never had to pay since. I think its 6 free visits you get and then 2 after with babs. Each time you visit hosp they will tell you when you are to go back to doc etc. You doc shoudl know all this, they shoudl have the forms....thats my experience anyway.
babychino Posts: 634
I also got the form from the GP, maybe give the receptionist a ring he/she will probably know more than the locum.
wab0607 Posts: 213
Hi My GP had the forms in his office. It's in his/her interest to send them off as they can apply for payment for visits as soon as HSE approve you for scheme, as far as I know. With regard to the amount of visits I see someone every 4 weeks up to 28 weeks of pregnancy, whether it be gp or hospital. After that it increases to every 2 weeks up to 36 weeks of pregnancy and then every week after that. In my case the hospital sort of dictated it. I went to see my GP at 4 weeks, 8 weeks and had my scan and 1st appointment with hospital at 12 weeks. At that app the hosp said to arrange next app with them for 20 weeks so my gp saw me at 16. At 20 week app in hosp they said not to come back to them again until week 32 so gp saw me at week 24 & 28 & 30. He will see me again at week 34 and after that I don't know which I'll go to for the last 6 because I went in to early labour the last time at 34 weeks and babs arrived at week 36. So this time I'll just go wherever I'm told for the last 6 weeks.
babyforus Posts: 1619
I am going to my GP tonight to confirm so I am assuming he'll have the form. This is all the same no matter if you are going public / semi private / private right?
Greece Posts: 1800
Yes you can do combined care on public / SP / or private. Hope you get sorted.
keabea Posts: 148
Thanks Girls, Do you mind me asking what the GP does at these check ups? This guy just checked my blood pressure (which was fine) and sent me off. TBH he didn't seem to know what do do with me. I can't help thinking he should have done more than check blood pressure. I'm 23 weeks now, and haven't seen anyone since my first appointment at 15weeks (bar scan at 19weeks). Am back in maternity hospital in 3weeks. Do you think I should find another doctor and get seen this week? (Locum guy is there for next two weeks and dont' really want to go back to him). Or am I totally overreacting and should I just wait til I'm back in maternity hosp. Thanks
curliwurli Posts: 3369
the only other thing i get done is urine checked and listen to babys heartbeat. maybe if you're worried you should ring the maternity hospital and ask them if they can recommend a GP to you? i was really lucky with mine, she organised all the forms and my first hospital appointment and ante natal classes for me when i went in to confirm pregnancy at 5 weeks and all i had to do was sign my name.
Mrs Mia Posts: 326
All I got checked was blood pressure, urine (make sure to bring sample every visit) and the past few weeks he has felt bump, and just asks if I'm getting lots of movements etc. In hospital it was same procedure but also got heartbeat checked and bloods done.
scobette Posts: 1010
My GP checks BP, Urine and listens to babys heartbeat. Then feels bump and asks is there anything I want to talk about. i have been quiet sick during my pregnancy and had to see my GP more than the recommended checks but I was never charged for these appointments. When I went to GP first she filled out all the forms and I got a letter from the HSE confirming that I was accepted for Combined Care Scheme. I am going private in the hospital. HTH