Combined Feeding - recommend what formula & bottles to use

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JanuaryJones Posts: 164
Am hoping I will be able to BF and be able to do CF so OH can help with the burden and share the feeding experience. for those who CF, what formula & bottle/teet make do you recommend ??
MrsAC Posts: 1190
Hey Not planning on BF myself but from what i've been told the Tommie Tippie bottles or Nuk bottles are best for Combo feeding and aptamil milk thats just what friends and family told me. HTH
digsy Posts: 1257
Hi I combined fed on DD2 when she was 11 weeks old. It was more to give myself a break and i wanted to get to six months BF. I used Tommee Tippee Bottles and Cow and Gate. I dont think it really matters though what formula you use, as they really are all the same. Bottles can be a bit hit and miss on BF babies, i never managed to get DD1 on a bottle so i tried harder on DD2 to get her taking a bottle alot earlier. Just be prepared that they may not like the bottle and will refuse it regardless of when you give it to them. HTH
gopro Posts: 1801
I used SMA and Dr Brown. in the hospital we used the pre made bottles and the teat that come with them. DD had no problems going across to Dr Browns every baby is different. some babies cant tolerate different brands. even with soothers it took 3 different types before DD took the avent ones in the end.