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livingforthewedding321 Posts: 7
Hi Ladies! I don't usually wear heels much :-8 (except for on boots) and am nervous about trying to find a comfortable pair..My dress is full length and the main reason for that isthat I didn't want to worry about my shoes!! Can anyone recommend a good place to start? Looking for: - small/no heel - a lot of support (have wide feet with high arch) - pretty! Thanks so much in advance! O:o)
March14b2b Posts: 95
Hi, I got mine in debenhams - wasn't looking for flat shoes but did notice some pumps so worth a try - check them out online maybe - more choice than in store. Also thought next had a nice selection. Just a suggestion tho if your not comfortable wearing heels why not wear whatever you want - it is your day after all, you want to be comfortable! I've seen brides wearing converse / runners - doesn't have to be bridal shoes. A friend of mine got Adidas runners personalised for her hubbie to wear on their wedding day (he did wear shoes up until the reception) Was great for pics & he was way more comfortable - if the guys can do it - why not the girls?!! ;) Good luck with your search!
livingforthewedding321 Posts: 7
aw you're so right. dont know why but I feel this pressure to wear heels! but you're right, better to be comfortable!! will look in next and debenhams too :)