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celtic chica Posts: 144
Hi ladies hope you are all well,can anyone recommend a good comfy pair of shoes that arent too grannyish but if need be i dont mind spend most of the day on my feet and im paying for it lately becoz of poor footwear,tanx a mil :)
curliwurli Posts: 3369
i recently bought these in purple and they are the comfiest shoes ever and i think they look nice: [url:3cwqcmws][/url:3cwqcmws]
anon2009 Posts: 294
They are lovely Curly Wurly, loooking for something similiar.Where did you get them?
keyra Posts: 801
+1 on the hush puppies. I have several different pairs of them and they are so comfy, you can wear them all day.
curliwurli Posts: 3369
i got them in Schuh, they were about €65 i think.
celtic chica Posts: 144
tanx a million for the reply ill head to schuh today :)