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mrs pitt Posts: 164
Hi, i'm 24 weeks today and for the last couple of weeks have been driven mad by people saying I look huge, am I having twins, and thinking i should be due off in maternity leave in a few weeks. I've always been about a size 10 so finding putting the weight on difficult anyway. Baby was measuring at my due date at 22 week scan. Dont think Im due any more scans with Coombe , so should I get a private scan to check if baby too big or just ignore busy bodies?
ructions Posts: 2689
Ignore them. People just have to have something to say, and it usually revolves around your size. I was always being told how neat I was, and DH wasn't small at 8lbs 6oz. It doesn't stop by the way, random women in supermarkets have stopped me to admire him and ask me if I'm breastfeeding! People just have a list of questions they ask when it comes to babies - when are you due, do you know what you're having, would you prefer a boy or a girl, what names have you picked, you're huge/tiny/neat. Then when the baby arrives it's does he/she sleep through the night, are you breastfeeding etc. You learn to smile and shrug them off!
glover Posts: 188
I agree with sunshiner I have to say. People just seem to feel the need to comment and waffle on about everything when your pregnant and actually dont realise how insensitive they are being. We have enough to be worried about besides worrying about size etc, everyone carries different and your baby might have just gone thru a growth spurth and next time someone comments on ur bump just say "i know its huge, its great to know theres a fine healthy bouncer growing in my tummy". Or else tell them to sod off. Dont be worrying, im sure your baba is fine and if your a small person or size ten you might just look bigger than you actually are.
redroses Posts: 714
Why do people feel the need to comment on every little pregnancy thing. Im sure your not huge and have a lovely bump but it drives ma mad as well. Im only 15 weeks and at work the last couple days people have been commenting on my bump, now i feel huge for only 15 weeks and i am showing a lot. I dint think i would so soon. There are even two ladies at work who greet me by rubbing my belly.It makes me cringe to be honest and i wish people would keep their hands and comments to themselves. IM NOT PUBLIC PROPERTY
lolly2010 Posts: 707
Try ignore them, iv been getting them comments all through this pregnancy aswell >:o( im fairness i am carrying big (im measuring 6 weeks ahead) but to hear it off everyone is just headwrecking!! At 4months people were asking me how many weeks i had left :duh: They wont stop commenting so try your best to ignore them or let them in one ear and out the other. The worse thing you can do is let them into your head,i did and i was convinced it must be twins or my dates where wrong. Try ignore them! :action32
Anonmama Posts: 239
You have to love the pass remarkable Irish. Once you become pregnant, you become public property and people feel they must comment on your weight, bump, how you look (the worse, the better, of course) how you will feed, how you will rear them, how you won't cope with labour and how 'you will know what's sticking to you when baby arrives!' People are gobshites.
milis Posts: 7998
Ignore them... some people seem to panic when they are placed in a confined space with a pregnant woman, and start talking about her weight like that's okay. You probably aren't any bigger than you should be, and I'm sure you don't look like you are carrying twins... but some people are just so hilarious that they have to make these original 'jokes' for you. Redrubies, you need to get a bigger handbag. Not suggestion anything violent (unless you really want to!), but you can strategically carry it so that the bump is protected from unwanted maulings.
CocoBeans Posts: 841
IGNORE THEM - everyone carries their bump differently. I can never get over people who say this? WTF? Just enjoy being pregnant and ignore the comments. I'm only 4 months and I had a friend of mine Stroking my tummy the other day. I had to ask her to stop... People get weird around pregnant woman. :thnk
maybe3tobe Posts: 24
I remember when I was pregnant with my first being out with my DH about 3 weeks before I was due. We were in a chinese restaurant enjoying our last bit of freedom >:o) and the chinese waitress started going on about how I was looking like I was expecting twins. I said no I'm not its a single birth, she kept going on and on about it and insisted that I was having twins and I would get a shock when baby(s) were born. It really spoiled my night. I was sick of people in both pregnancies telling me I looked huge, especially women who had babies themselves and should have known better, people are so stupid.
Mrs Pitt, I was the same... showing alot from early on. The amount of random people who feel it's ok to comment on your size is unreal! I've lost count of the amount of people who have asked am I having twins! I would also have been an 8-10 before getting pregnant.. had a 24 inch waste but now the numbers have reversed & at it's biggest point my bump is 42 inches!! I've put on 3.5 stone but I don't care. I've made a good home to grow my baby! The amount of women who commented on how low I was carrying also wrecked my head. I can't tell you how many women told me 'oh, you'll NEVER make your due date, you're carrying too low....' Well, here I am, 11 days overdue & feel like going back to each & every one of them just to say 'oh REALLY'!! I wish I was brave enough to comment back to people... have often thought of saying 'well you've a fat arse but I wouldn't be rude enough to comment on it'!! I find I'm always braver after the event!! On the bump rubbing though... WTF are people thinking?!! When people came at me with open hands I literally put my arms across my bump as if to say 'eh feck off' Though one night one of my hubbies best friends greeted me with a bump rub & a 'that's coming on nicely' so I literally rubbed his stomach back & said 'thanks very much' Well, his face was priceless!!! He never touched my bump after that! I think people just don't think... you just seem to become public property! O:| O:| O:| Having said that, I was stood on Grafton St a couple of weeks ago waiting to meet my sisters & a lovely lady came up to me just to tell me that I looked beautiful & to wish me luck. I nearly bawled! Honestly, I could have hugged her! I bet you look fab missus.... keep the head up & feck what other people say. You are growing a baby & making a loving, safe place for them to grow. There is nothing more special than that. :lvs Embrace the bump! :lvs