Company Car and Maternity Leave

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MrsPositive Posts: 1548
Anyone know what the situation is with this, also posted in M&K
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Not sure, but a friend had to return hers during ML. It's probably down to company policy?
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Your benefits should not be impacted by ML- or at least they are not in my company. Best to check with your HR.
FoundHome Posts: 1753
I kept mine during mat leave as it was in my contract. I did pay more BIK as my business mileage dropped dramatically that year.
hairdye Posts: 1129
It depends on your company policy. I'm getting to keep mine, I'm delighted as I view it as my own car! I would miss it! [quote="FoundHome":19hksxsq] I did pay more BIK as my business mileage dropped dramatically that year.[/quote:19hksxsq] Thats a good point about the BIK, I hadn't thought of that. Must look into it
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
Yes thats what my employers told me so we're trying to 'work' around it. Technically apparently the car should be parked up but thats just nonsense!
FoundHome Posts: 1753
That is nonsense. If its part of your terms and conditions you're fully entitled to it especially I'd you have been paying BIK on it already.
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
yeah I think they're trying to make out that they're doing me a favour to be honest. warned me 'not to crash it' while Im off! lol. And of course to use my own cash to pay for fuel in case the revenue spot that my work credit card is paying for fuel when Im off on maternity. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
JustJess Posts: 368
It really is down to compamy policy. Mine lets you keep car and continue to pay bik My old company required the car back as they would give it to another employee or use it in a pool If they do take it back or require it to be parked up (no idea how they could prove that so makes no sense unless parked up at office) you will not be liabke to bik as you are not using the car