Completely different pregnancies

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monikar Posts: 17
Has anyone ha completely different pregnancies. Last time my head seemed to be permantly down the toilet and my boobies felt like a ton weight. This time I have nothing. No heavy boobies. No nausea. Nothing. I was so worried I even took a pregnancy test. One of those digital ones. Thankfully the result showed very quickly. Oh the relief. I was actually more nervous about doing the 2nd pg test.I didn't think i would be this nervous 2nd time round.
theoracle Posts: 7664
Oh, yes, all the pregnancies feel very different. I never had ms, but the intensity of symptoms was much less 2nd time around, I guess your body has been through all of it already and the 'novelty' must have worn off! :o0 Also later on, teh way I carried, bump shape, movements...everything felt much so I thought the baby must be a boy as first one was a girl, but it was another girl! Different again this time around.
Martiespride Posts: 997
give it time, i didnt start throwing up till about 7 weeks. hopefully you wont have that though. congrats :o)ll