Concert at 8mths ??

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bride22 Posts: 359
[color=red:2zx7ol5l]Am i mad[/color:2zx7ol5l] but i've just booked Micheal Buble tickets for July 26th. I ab Love him but I'll be 8mths at this stage. Its my birthday that wknd and i just thought it would be nice to have one last night out before i wind down. DH thought it was a great idea as he thinks babs will enjoy it.
under construction Posts: 3458
Think you will be ok as its all seating. Im going too got block H probably be my first girlie night out after baby is born. Ah it will be a lovely birthday, heard there is a lovely restaurant in Donnybrook called casa pasta or something, so maybe treat yourselves to a nice meal before hand and really make it a special birthday
Ferdi Posts: 704
Great idea Bride22, saw Michael Buble too and it was a fab concert. I went to a Christy Moore gig here in Hamburg at 8 months and loved it. baby was a bit more active too. Funniest thing ever is that his song "Beeswing" was one that always got Ryan off to sleep. It still works now when he's tired, especially in the car. I only have to play the song a max of 3 times and he's concked. So just in case it works for you too, make sure you have the cd to whichever song really gets you going at the concert. Hope you have a great time and enjoy yourself/ves, F :wv
mayday08 Posts: 704
I was at a fashion show recently very loud music baby was doing the nut, did not like noise at all, but then i was 36/37 weeks at this time.
babsjones Posts: 52
I can warn you about one thing!!! I went to a Metallica concert at 9 months so i think Micheal Bubule will be okay for you just get a seat near the toilets!! Just reaslised that is probley what happened to my son now he is a mentaler!!! He is Crazy :eek :eek
mammyof1 Posts: 540
just got tickets too and im due 21st aug! but im sure it wont be too mad and u might as well do it when u dont have to get baby sitter!
missc Posts: 875
How the hell have you all got tickets already? Im dying to go to Michael Buble i LOVE him but tickets arnt on sale til Thurs?!?!?!?!? If they are all sold out i'll freak out O:| >:o( But back to the question :-8 i had tickets for boyzIImen and i would've been 37 + 1 weeks and it was a standing ticket :ooh now everyone said i was mad but i didnt care, i absolutely love boyzIImen and i was going, the only thing that could stop me was going into labour.................................. and what do you know, i went into labour at 4.30am that morning :o0 >:o( O:| :o0 so my little dd stopped me going to a 1000person concert, i wouldve been right at the front >:o( ha ha ha, i have the ticket in her memory box now, i'll never let her forget that :o0
under construction Posts: 3458
Miss C i just PM'd you the code
jarashow Posts: 3083
Was going to ask the same thing as MissC.... UC pretty pretty please, is there anyway you could PM me the code, I really don't want to miss out, I'll be 30 weeks I would say but ya only live one !!!
Happy Mammie Posts: 1507
I will be 37 weeks going to see Shane Ward and i cant wait.