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madridsprog Posts: 272
ladies, anyone any experience of the concord Neo?? we took a look at it today and are thinking of ordering it, have you had good or bad experiences with it, would you recommend?? Thx
michers_eire Posts: 77
Hi there We are looking at the Concord Neo too. I first saw it down in Wexford over the summer- a couple had twin babies and had two Neos. I really loved the look of the carrycot- very roomy and also the fact tgat it can be installed across the back seat of the car. Eurobaby in Swords and Longmile rd have it for €949 on display. I was originally put off by the fact that the ion car seat doesn't have iso-fix and then realised that it's not that big of a deal to me. The way I look at it is, at least by belting the seat in each time, I can fully ensure that it's secure and will notice any defects if and when they occur. Where as with the iso-fix, I feel I might get complacent and not do all the checks etc. I love the many features of the Proton carrycot. I especially like the incliner/ recliner thing which allows the baby to be propped up. I also found the one hand release system very easy to operate. They say the Proton can be used up to 9 months, which again attracts be to it. I plan to use the Proton as our Moses basket. The buggy part can be folded on the chassis too, which will make life a little easier when out and about. Hope this helps!
Butttons Posts: 812
Just bumping this up, would love to hear some more opinions on this.
Morticia Posts: 60
This is the pram we're getting. Not going to order it until Christmas but i've been to the 2 local stockists plus searched the web and i can't find a bad review on the 2009 model. There were some brake problems (i think) with an earlier model but they're sorted now. Don't like the matching 'papa' bag. Very cute but not very practical for me. Need something bigger with integrated bottle warmer/cooler, not something that can be zipped off and forgotton.
Butttons Posts: 812
That's good to hear that they have sorted the brake issue - I read about that in a couple of old reviews. Do you mind me ask how much you are paying for it and where you are getting it? I save it the Eurobaby website for 949 Euro - don't think I could justify spending that much!! Some of the uk websie have it a good bit cheaper. What colour are you getting? ... roduct=602
Morticia Posts: 60
I'm based in the UK. There was a price difference between the 2 stores we visited. I think the cheapest was just under £700 but that included the papa bag, car seat, proton carrycot etc. Didn't Madridsprog order hers online and get it for £650. I could totally be wrong. we're going for the 'chilli' colour. they had the 3 different colours in store and it looked the best in my opinion. The blue looked 'washed out' but the bamboo looked good too. We're waiting until christmas to order or maybe we might wait until the sales. We were told that they usually have them in stock or max 6 week waiting time. Did u see the £2000 version its in a really light weight material. Not light enough to justify the cost but it does look good.
Morticia Posts: 60
just looked at the link u posted and realised that its the scout carrycot they're including for that price. the proton seems to be in the photo though. Thats the one baby can sleep in overnight (specially ventillated) and can be used as a carseat. Its also the one we priced. EDITED to add the link below. Found Madridsprogs post on the 'show us ur prams' topic. price is now £615 ... em_ID=1576