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April2011b2b Posts: 62
confetti magazine comp!! Hi all, my friend and her Fiance have got into the final 7 in a competition with Confetti Magazine,to win a wedding worth 40.000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give them your vote if you can spare a minute....they really are the most amazing couple and deserve it so so much, so nice to hear good news happening to people you know..... web site: the couple are: Sandra and Jon, :compress :compress :compress :compress :compress :compress :compress thanks so much girlies, every vote counts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April2011b2b New Wolly Posts: 27 Joined: 12 Nov 2009 15:36 * Private message
Sweet8 Posts: 1285
[color=#8000BF:1x5u92pw]Done! Best of luck to them! O:o) [/color:1x5u92pw]