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Mrs. lou-beag Posts: 193
Went to see this yesterday. I was hung over from my Hen on Saturday so I was not up for much, but i have to say i laughed my head off. Its a mockumentary about of three couples as they battle it out to win the title of 'Most Original Wedding of the Year.' There is a great cast and the whole movie was just so bizzare. Well worth seeing.
bride. Posts: 3014
I was dying to see it, went on Saturday but I thought it was rubbish.. :cry:
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Thought is was rubbish too. We left cinema after an hour. Very disappointed. :cry:
AislinnS Posts: 1253
I'm not even gonna waste the tenner. After putting myself through Napolean Dynamite, my brain needs a few years to recover :D
Joleigh Posts: 4242
Hi Lou Beag, I saw a preview lastweek and thought it was gas. It was a different type of movie though so I can understand how some people might not like it. I thought the 2 gay blokes were gas!
Mrs. lou-beag Posts: 193
Yes i think maybe you have to be into a certain type of Comedy. Im sure im not the only one. :lol: