Confirmed bfp...Whats the next step?

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lisa Posts: 1612
So Dr. confirmed my bfp last friday and as I'm only 4 weeks he said to come back to him again in 4 weeks and to contact Gynae to make appointment. Did that today and waiting for them to come back to me. Its kinda scary not knowing what to do! Whats next? How long until 1st gynae app? How often? Any thing else I should know?
Maybump Posts: 527
Not much to do now. Once you've made your hospital appointment it's a waiting game. YOu usually have your first appointment at 12 weeks depending on demand. I'd my first appointment at 14 weeks and I rang when I was 5 weeks. just relax and take it easy. [url=] [img:2yxqr7bw];18;96/st/20090426/dt/5/k/cf9a/preg.png[/img:2yxqr7bw] [/url]
lisa Posts: 1612
Thanks Maybump, You really do feel a bit in limbo when its your 1st time. Cant even ask my sisters as I havent told them yet. I'm sure all the newly pregnant wollies are in the same boat. Thanks again
wifee07 Posts: 353
If you're in Dublin and private you'll be in a good position to pick the consultant you want. I was told theres a Baby boom on and consultants are getting booked up really quickly! I wasn't sure if i was going to go private or semi private, so when we went to check prices with the receptionist in semi private she said make our minds up quick because we may end up not being able to have a certain consultant. She said it in the nicest way! Just found a site on an old post, i was mad for info on my pregnancy when i first found out, it has a daily calendar for your pregnancy. Enjoy the next few months, the finish line will seem forever away but you won't see t fly in on u!! Happy baby growing!!
angel3 Posts: 1572
hey Lisa, hope you are well! i had mine confirmed yesterday as well, im still mad nervous i suppose that's natural though - I have to go for a scan Friday week because they cant tell how long i am gone due to irregular periods
womble Posts: 70
I'm so glad you started this post - I'm completely confused too!! Just had PG confirmed yesterday and got list of gynaes, so do I just book in with one now, is that it?? What's the difference between private and semi-private??
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
you can go public and pay nothing, semi private (if the hospital has that option) and pay around 600 with VHI (or equivalent) , you should have slightly shorter waiting times for your appointments and get a semi p room (if one is available) or private which costs 3000-5000 with VHI this is where you get the same consultant all the way through and get a private room at the end of there is one available I think a semi p room has 4 people and a public one has around 6+ and private room is by yourself
lisa Posts: 1612
Hi girls, I contacted Gynae as I'm going private, so booked in for a scan jan 19th. That seems forever away. Think I'll be 14 weeks by then. Dont have to see my GP again for 3 week. Does anyone else feel like there are left to figure it out on their own? It like the DRs, consultants assume you know it all and dont need help this early on. Thank god for wol or we would be totally lost. So any tips are greatly appreciated by me and any other first timer. Foods to avoid??? Beauty products to avoid? Question to ask at doctors? consultants? Feel free to add any other questions girls.
Puds Posts: 70
I've one or two to add if that's ok? I'm still really confused about whether to go private or semi or public and even what hospital to go to so I've loads of figuring out to do! :eek What food's should we be eating? Is it safe to exercise in the early stages? I'm signed up to a boot camp class for another few weeks and I don't know whether to stop going or not. I hate when I'm not exercising so I want to keep doing something just don't know what's safe.
lisa Posts: 1612
Hi puds, I used to do Pilates and there was a girl attending who kept it up until she was 8 months.Apparently it can make the labour a little easier too!! Saw pic of singer 'Pink' who kept jogging right up until she was due! I'm sure its ok once your used to regular exercise and don't over exert yourself. What not to eat! (please add to list if anyone has more) Nuts Raw fish Raw meat Limit to 1 tin tuna a week (High in mercury) Unpastuerised dairy products Goats cheese, blue cheese, brie Excessive caffine Certain herbal teas