Confirmed with doc but still confused??

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kerbs Posts: 75
Hi Girls The really good news is that I went to the doc today and my pregnancy was confirmed (6 weeks) an delighted... but I left and am still a little confused? She did a pregnany test and took my blood pressure but that was it. It was basically come back at 14 weeks and we will do a scan then. She also said there would no scan at 9 weeks as everything seems fine- is this normal?? She also said to sign up to a hospital but had no real preference as to hospital or whether to go public/ private?? Just wondering if other girls had more tests/ stuff done? Am feeling a little lost on this tbh - really wish I had an older sis or close friend who had gone through this and could recommend what to do... Thanks as always girls...
mama sugar Posts: 1387
well congrats at it getting confirmed by the doc....dont worry im sure it is all normal but its all new to you i am sorry i can't help on the questions you asked as im only ttc at the moment but dont worry the girls here are great and you will feel alot more relaxed when the girls tell you that this is the norm take care hun x
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
DITTO!!! First of all congratulations... it's great news.. I just got the news myself today, like you went to the Doc.. my hubby came with me, but the Doc wasn't keen on letting him in with me and just let him sit outside the door :-( But i was just soo anxious to find out, that i didn't push it.. LIke you, he confirmed that i was pregnant, five weeks Saturday so it is very very early days.. he asked about the hospital, and got me to sign a form, told me come back next month to let him know how things are going.. but that was it!! No bloods, no blood pressure etc.. I thought I'd get a complete overhaul... but nothing... so i'm not sure whether that is a good or bad thing.. but i'm just in a state of shock over my own news as i only got married 5 weeks ago!! You can do the maths yourself!! :-) I don't have any sis either and i'm the first of my friends pregnant, and there is loads i want to know, as i'm very clueless in the whole subject.. I'm gonna buy myself some books at the weekend, and hopefully that will educate me... BTW can I still eat Salad Cream or is that a NO! NO! Thanks in advance MTW xoxo
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
on my 1st appointment i just had blood pressure and urine checked and signed a form also. my 1st scan isn't until 20 wks(but i've had one done privately) so what you had checked is the norm , they will o more on next visit. hth
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
many congrats have a happy and healthy pregnancy
Its a Secret Posts: 178
Hey Kerbs, I know it's all so bewildering. All I had to do was wee on a stick. She took some details and gave me a letter for the hospital and that was it. I was so lost. If it wasn't for the girls on here and the other sites...... If it's any consolation, You will see a lot more at a week 14 scan TBH
grumpy Posts: 1280
Congrats!! On my visit to the doctor to confirm (well, I did have other reasons to be there too.....), she didn't bother with the wee test as she said the ones I used were more senstive, or with feeling my abdomen as I was so early on. Can't remember if I had my blood pressure taken...... Also, she told me to stop taking my prescription antihistamines. We talked about the hospital, but she had no real advice. When you think about it, why should they know any better than anyone else? All they'd be giving you is their opinion. I'd researched it all myself beforehand as we were ttc, so had made all my decisions by then anyway! I had my first midwife visit on 25 July. She took urine and blood, and did the blood pressure. She took our histories (but 99.99% mine!) and gave us some info and leaflets. She booked the scan (which I've since had to change due to driving test being scheduled at the same time :roll:) and spoke about breast feeding and nutrition for me and iron and getting rest and if we wanted antenatal classes (in no particular order!). So, my next antenatal appointment is the scan on 6 September, so I'll be about 18 weeks gone then, and then I have another visit with the midwife on 26 September. Huge gaps altogether! Don't worry so much. There isn't much they can keep an eye on with a lowrisk pregnancy at this stage, so it would just be a waste of your and their time for you to go too often. The appointments get more regular only at about 30 weeks. And don't worry about asking questions here - we're only too happy to help when we can ;)
summer days Posts: 112
Hiya Kerbs My first visit to the doctors was to confirm pregnancy only. Nothing else happened. The visit took about 10 minutes (she didn't take my blood pressure, didn't ask any questions or anything like that). She just asked me if I wanted to go private or public then made me sign something. She then asked me the date of my LMP, typed it into her PC and gave me my EDD! That was pretty much it. A few weeks later I got a letter in the post (I think 3-4 weeks later) to confirm my appointment with the hospital. Since then I have only seen her once for a check-up!! It was at the first visit to the hospital that everything was done. My weight was checked (only I knew my pre-pregnancy weight as I was at that stage 12 weeks pg). They took bloods and urine, asked about family history, checked blood pressure and did a scan. They then rescheduled me for my next visit to the hospital, sent me over to the consultant (who just checked my chart) and then sent me over to the midwives clinic to meet the girls who I would be attending the next time. They told me to visit my doctor once or twice between the next appointment (at week 29) with the hospital. That was it, sent on my merry way! So don't worry, this is approach appers to be normal. By the way, when I had problems (a little bit of bleeding) I was referred from my doctor to the hospital. I was seen immediately and they called me back 2 weeks later for another scan!! As the other girls mentioned, try not to worry too much and go straight back to your GP (or hospital) if you need any additional reassurance!!
susanm Posts: 6
It is a bit disappointing when you go to docs. The way they see it is that there is nothing to do at this stage but wait.