confused about bridal underwear

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miss choc Posts: 1270
Girls Need help I am a pear shaped small busted girl who will be wearing a halterneck. Am wondering weather to go for a bra or corset also, I see on the forums mixed reviews about Peaches & Cream and Intimate Lingerie in Dublin I'm not getting married till next Summer and just popped into I.Lingerie yesterday for some info my gut instinct I got from them was the owner didnt seem customer friendly a bit abrupt I gave her my number and she is gonna text me next year as it is too soon yet. I dont really want to deal with someone though who isnt user friendly if you get my drift :eek having said that she has been there ages so I guess she knows her stuff when I told her I was either thinking of a well known high street shop for underwear she dismissed the idea as their stuff isnt as good and I guess its true cos she custom makes it for you. TBH all I want is an set of undies for the day to pull in the tummy a bit want to feel comfortable during the day as will be doing a lot of eating, drinking and dancing :o0
marianf Posts: 5845
If you are small chested the bra shouldnt be a problem. This is the main reason that people end up in Intimate lingerie and peaches and cream, although peaches and cream do all sizes. As for your tummy, just get a pair of Spanx Power Pants which are super and come right up to meet your bra. Hardly sexy but they offer great support and are very comfortable once you get them on. I bought mine in Peaches and Cream but saw them recently in Arnotts for about €5 less (€40)
miss choc Posts: 1270
Thanks for that to be honest I think if you're a/b cup you wouldnt need a corset there a beautiful balcony type bras around that will life you up my main gripe is my hips/tummy I see peaches & cream do the Spanx so might check them out dont want to be forced to pay a lot of money for unnecessary underwear as wont need loads of support up there. :-8
marianf Posts: 5845
I agree totally. You might even be able to get bra cups sewn into your dress and not need to get a bridal bra at all. Oh to have a small cup size :-8
Suebabe Posts: 553
Im a c cup and wont be wearing a bra at all have you tried the dress on without a bra??? Does it work without one ??? I cant help with the pants sorry ill be wearing a tong :-8
miss choc Posts: 1270
probably wont be having my first fitting until Jan/Feb They asked me to bring in the proper underwear but cos I lost a stone since I fitted it on last I my measurements will be all over the place I cant rem but I dont think there was a built in bra I would prefer to wear somthing anyway I might pop into Peaches and Cream any Kathy De Stafford brides there? what is she like re the underwear situation that is where I got mine from
October_2007 Posts: 937
Hi Miss Choc, Intimate Lingerie is (to the best of my knowledge) by appointment only, maybe that why she was a bit off with you? However, dont be put off, she has great selection of underwear and wont send you away with the poor fitting bra!
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I'm confused as well. There seems to be so many different styles of spanx, covering different parts that I don't know which to go for. I have a big tum and bum. I am not too worried about thighs, even though they are big too. I am very big on top. I am a cup E. Just gone down from an F. I was looking at those really low cut bras in M&S, but they didn't have them in white. They're not particularly nice looking as they are fairly thick around the base of the bust. Don't know if I am describing them well or not. I don't want to be spending a fortune that I don't have in specialist lingerie shops, so was hoping to get away with the spanx and a decent bra. I will pay for a decent bra. I was looking at the trinny and susannah spanx on debenhams website. Has anyone had feedback about them?
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
My sister got those Spanx type things from Simply Be. She swears by them. I am a G cup and when I got my dress I tried it on with a strapless bra (Panache) and the woman in the shop said to take it off and try the dress without it. My dress has a built in corset closure and I have to say that it was much better fitting without the bra and it gave me a better shape. So I am planning on going braless. Not too bothered about the bottom half as the dress is very flattering (has a side ruffle type effect) that makes you look smaller.
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I would be terrified of going without a bra. I am huge as it is! I can't imagine anything supporting me enough to not wear a bra! where did you get the panache or s that the name of the shop?