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jmeath Posts: 5740
Ok here goes.... had an early scan 2 weeks ago when i got my BFP, Yolk Sac was showing very small so told to go back in 2 weeks (today), went back and it was amazing...our little peanut is there hearbeating like a good thing.... :o)ll Sonographer gave me an EDD on 14 Dec....making me 6 weeks and 3 days, she got this from measurement of the fetal pole BUT.............. 1st day of my last AF was 8wks 1 day ago....i thought this is what they went by? This gives me an EDD f 02 Dec I got a sheet with both EDD's and she underlined 14/12/09.......... Just to add...all online calculators give me an EDD of 02/12/09
gemini chica Posts: 2581
jmeath, not sure but think that the measurements they take are the most accurate, I dont know though but just wanted to say delighted you got to hear the heartbeat, it must have been amazing!
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Jmeath - i'd stick with the dates given to you by the sonographer. Early scans are more reliable for dating as the size week on week is usually quite standard for first trimester for everyone. The last af date is just a guesstimate anyway as it assumes you have a 28 day cycle which thinking back over your past posts isn't necessarily true for you as you prob ov'ed later than you think and this would affect your edd. Alot of people go by their last af date to calculate edd and then on scans it is found that they are incorrect and edd is changed. IMO it's better to think of the later date and then if on subsequent scans the date is changed you won't be too disappointed at having to wait to meet your baby. Congrats and isn't it wonderful to see! :wv
jmeath Posts: 5740
Thanks girls, im still a little confused but ive a scan in the hospital at about 13 weeks so im sure even then ill have a better idea!
phananta Posts: 330
I had a similar thing, v. early scan (heartbeat and fetal pole) put my edd back 6 days, so I went with this, then dating scan at 12/13 weeks put it forward 8 days, so my due date is now 2 days earlier than the last AF date. :o)ll They do say the early scans are the most accurate way of dating, but I think when they're so early, if they're out in the measuring by a fraction of a mm it could make a good few days difference. Like the OP said, go with the new date you've been given for now, then if you get moved forward at a later scan it'll be a pleasant surprise! *)
theoracle Posts: 7664
I was put 2 weeks back too, and had alots of scans since and all the scans are confirming the adjusted date (ie LMP-2weeks). That is the date hospital will go by. LMP date is just orientational.
luvlylili Posts: 232
i thought i was due on monday 27th april, but going by the hospital i am due on saturday 2nd of may! they add seven days onto the first day of ur last period. my scan says 27th of april to,i said it to the midwive and she said they add five days onto your scan or something...