confused - taxed as married couple or single

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mama sugar Posts: 1387
O:| Not sure what to do, it is all a bit confusing I was looking up the budget rates Single/Widowed without dependant children 35,400 @ 20% Balance @ 41% Single/Widowed qualifying for One Parent Family Tax Credit 39,400 @ 20% Balance @ 41% Married Couple one spouse with Income 44,400 @ 20% Balance @ 41% Married Couple both spouses with Income 44,400 @ 20% with increase of 26,400 max. Balance @ 41% So just say I was earning €30,000 and My husband was earning €30,000 As single we would pay in tax 30,000 x 20% = 6000 - me 30,000 x 20% = 6000 - him total 12000 if we are taxed as married couple €60,000 €60,000 44,400 x 20% = 8,880 15,600 x 41% = 6,396 Total 15276 Is this right??? We are better off being taxed as single people???
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
I'm finding it difficult to understand myself, but if you ring citizens information or revenue and give them all your information they should be able to work out which way is better for you. Citizens information: 01-6059000 Revenue: click on contact details and enter your area. Sorry I couldn't help more :wv
TokenMale Posts: 6845
No your calculation is wrong. You won't be any better or worse off at your current salary levels. Basically between the 2 of you you'd get up to 44,400+26,400=70,800 taxed at the lower rate, which covers your joint income of 60k.
Italy07 Posts: 5409
Generally you will end up paying in or around the same unless one person is only working part-time then you can see a differance alright!
mama sugar Posts: 1387
thanks for the replies... it makes sense now O:| x