Confusion over dates

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sunnyside Posts: 3164
Anyone able to suggest which might be more accurate: Last AF was December 31st which means my doctor has me at 8w + 2d (but that is based on ovulation on 13th/14th January) I know I ovulated late that month (Jan 21st/22nd) so I think I'm 7w +2d Just had scan and they said 6w+4d Bit worried that the last date is a lot less and could it be a sign the baby isn't growing fast enough? Doctor said it all varies and it depends on the quality of the scan and the image they get as that's literally what they measure. Should I just stick to my own date of 7 +2?
Lilly* Posts: 153
I have pm'd you
sinion Posts: 6050
Hi Sunnyside, at my first scan at 7w1d they measured me about 6w3d, I was worried too but they said that as it was so small it may be just hard to tell and they'd know more at the next scan. At the next two scans I was actually measured a day ahead so I think it's just very hard to tell at the early ones.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I would stick with your own date (definitely wouldn't use the LMP date). The very early scans can be hard to read, as Sinion said, everything is so small it can be hard to tell. Dates from scans are also down the the individual sonographer and how experienced they are at measuring accurately. I definitlely wouldn't worry as they found the heart beating away and everything looked good. You'll probably find at your next scan that dates have evened out a bit. HTH