Congratulations line outside church

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Sparklybride to be Posts: 91
We are thinking of not doing the line of handshaking outside the church to save time. Has anyone experienced this before and do people hang around awkwardly outside or did it work out ok?
MRSDK2B Posts: 46
I was at a wedding last year and the bride and groom came outside to do the congratulations. As a guest I much preferred it so we're going to do the same, weather permitting!
E.Rose Posts: 188
How much time would it actually save? Do you intend on just leaving so when the guests come out you're gone?! As a guest I'd find that weird and I'd be feeling like it would have been courteous for the couple to thank me for coming. It's a time when you have a few seconds with each guest who have made the effort the be there, you may not get that time at the reception with each guest with so much going on. Just a thought :)
Sparklybride to be Posts: 91
No of course we would still be there. I just don't want the formalities of a line of people shaking hands.
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Can't work out how this would work saving time, because you are going to have to go around everyone to see them outside the church if they hang around. And if there's not a queue behind them they are far more likely to stand chatting with you so you will be far longer & not get around as many people. I've been to weddings where the only opportunity to speak to the bride & groom was the receiving line so especiallyif it's a big wedding don't skip it is my advice.
Sparklybride to be Posts: 91
Yes good point. We might just do the handshaking outside the church on our own (without including parents) i think this would save time as there will only be me and the groom to shake hands with rather than 4 parents , bride and groom.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I haven't been to a wedding in years that the parents also lined up. We just had ourselves outside the church. It was lovely, greeting everyone, thanking them for coming - especially in nice weather!
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Ive never shook hands with parents outside the church, only the bride & groom have lined up. Our line went very fast, just a quick hello thanks for coming & being congratulated by each guest. Got some fab photos from the photographer aswell of that part. We took the time then at the reception to speak to everyone individually.
peanut14 Posts: 71
I've also haven't been to a wedding in years that included the parents etc, just the bride & groom. To be honest it's a good way to ensure you welcome everyone and don't miss anyone.
mrsshorty Posts: 67
We're not going to do a receiving line to save time also. Our ceremony is at 3.30pm in winter and it will be dark about half an hour after the ceremony, so we are going to make an announcement at the end of the ceremony thanking everybody for coming and telling them to go enjoy a drink at the bar on us and that we are running to get group photos taken while there's still some sunlight and that we'll join everyone straight afterwards