Connor McKeon and the Legends of Swing

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DrDia Posts: 172
Hi girls, I am interested in Connor McKeon and the Legends of Swing for my wedding. I'm afraid to get too excited about them as they may be too pricey. I am waiting for a quotation from them - in the meantime, can anyone give me an idea of how much they cost please? PM me if you don't want to reply publicly :thnk Thanks wollies :thnk
sassyshoes Posts: 93
Would highly recommend them, we our having them at our wedding this summer. Although they are expensive, there totally worth it!! We went to watch them in action a few months back, and both myself and my hubby to be, fell in love with them, very professional and lovely to work with. They will work with you in price, and this will come down to, how many people your looking to have in the band etc. I would also recommend 'Richard Gill' as an videographer, we met him around the same time as Connor, and found him highly professional and a lovely person to work with. Good luck with the wedding plans !! x
MrsGPants Posts: 835
I would highly recommend Connor McKeon too. We had them for our wedding and they went down a storm. Everyone is raving about them and the dance floor was full all night. I had 1complaint however: This was with the DJ they supplied as part of the package..... his first song was S club seven 'Reach for the stars'. WTF? I was mortified. :-8 He was totally crap, repeated songs that the band had already played, repeated songs that he had already played, he didnt have anything from recent charts - i asked, and if he got me and my hubby to dance inside a circle 1 more time i was gonna flip the lid. >:o( People eventually ignored him, when he kept calling for more circles. This comment is not to put you off, i would defo book the band, they made our night, and i would have them again in a heartbeat if i was planning all over again. My advice is to do research on the DJ they provide you with, we didnt and got stung.
East Cork Bride Posts: 1
Did you book Connor McKeon Dr Dia? I am interested in them too for summer 2012. I'd love to know what people have paid for them. I thought they're expensive, and then I saw someone had posted on this site that they were quoted 2300 for Connor McKeon's 6 piece band and DJ! I was quoted way more than this for the 5 piece band!
katiebear60 Posts: 277
Dr Dia Pm'd you!!
ANiC Posts: 1
Looking for some help! we are thinking about booking the Legends of Swing but Conor McKeon is not free on the night of our wedding. They are offering an alternative singer called Steve Flanagan. Has anybody heard of him or had him sing with the legends at their wedding? Any help at all would be great! thanks a mill!