Considering a fifth c -section

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Tulip2013 Posts: 6
I am considering a fifth section.Anyone out there who has done this or considering it? Thanks
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
I don't have any personal experience but just want to wish you all the best of luck. There seems to be some comments on here that you might find useful. Seems to be something worth discussing with your gynae:- ... c_sections
Tulip2013 Posts: 6
Thanks so much for your response,it was really helpful
lindy Posts: 1135
Hiya Im having my 4th c section in a few days and i can honestly say im so nervous about it im trying not to even think about it just getting to hold my baby and get home lol. How did your other sections go for you ?
Tulip2013 Posts: 6
absolutely fine,no problem what so ever.Good Luck
lindy Posts: 1135
Thanks for that ;) If ye had no problems sure why not if thats what ye really want xx