Constant Drooling

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cmor Posts: 638
hi ladies, my LO is constantly drooling - going through about 2 bibs per hour! Should I take this as a sign that teething is starting? - He is also constantly putting his fists in his mouth! I'm worried about the damp getting into his chest so I've been leaving a plactic backed bib under his clothes - not sure if this is the best idea. I'd appreciate your thoughts! :wv
jess08 Posts: 481
Sound like the start of teething alright, poor mite :lvs :lvs The drooling is a hessle alright and you've done the only thing i can suggest which is to double bib! I found that the plastic one got sweaty next to the skin, so it was best to just have a cotton bib over a plastic backed one all outside the clothes, but you'll figure out whats best for you and your babs. :wv
whackywoman Posts: 1496
sorry to say that it might not be teeth My LO was a right drooler from the very beginning and had red cheeks etc. She is over 8 months now and still no teeth Pennys do cheap bibs with plastic backs