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Wanna Baby Posts: 58
Hey girls! I'm only six weeks pregnant so I'm a newbie! Bascially I've had a constant headache for the past few days. Just wondering if anyone felt like this at the start of their pregnancy? I'm pretty tired so that is probably the reason!
swissgirl Posts: 2301
I have them too, was out on Sat night (didnt drink a drop) DH drinking like fish, both get up next morning - he's fine, I have a splitting headache. I was wondering if mine had anything to do with my reduction in caffine. I was a coffee drinker (easily 4 cups a day) and sometimes tea at night where as now I dont drink a drop. Have you cut down dramatically on caffine? x sg
Wanna Baby Posts: 58
I don't actually drink coffee at all but I'd have a few cups of tea alright! Haven't cut down on them tho... God you poor thing! Typical - you don't drink and you end up with the hangover!!! Are you very tired?
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
I got really bad headaches but i was about 15 weeks. Sometimes headaches are a sign of dehydration, do you drink enough water?
Wanna Baby Posts: 58
I'm actually overloading on the water!! That's what I thought if you're hungry or not drinking water but that's not it! Must just be tiredness!
newyearbabs Posts: 686
Hi Girls they are a feckn killer I used to feel as if my head was going to fall off! don't worry they are normal and for me they did ease off. I only get them every now and again. Its something to do with increased blood supply making veins swell I think. As NLTG said make sure you drink plenty of water, also I have heard that if you where big coffee drinker before pg and you cut it out altogether it can make headaces worse maybe try phasing the amount you drink rather than cutting it out. Hope you feel better soon
Wanna Baby Posts: 58
Thanks Newyearsbabs! As long as there normal that's grand! I can live with that!
bluebell07 Posts: 182
HI, I have had headaches on and off now at different stages of my pregnancy - early on and a few weeks ago and they do go eventually... You can take panadol if they get really bad - I only did twice when I'd had them all day long and couldn't sleep with them. Hope they go soon and try not to worry - it's just he hormones!!! url=][img:106smpni][/img:106smpni][/url]