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thrilled08 Posts: 164
Girls, Have you any advice on really bad "all day" sickness? I had to call into work sick today as I have been so sick all day. I cannot stomach food and can only keep down a little water. If this keeps up, I'm worried the baby is not getting the nutrients it needs. Have you any advice for the sickness girls? Thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
sinion Posts: 6050
oh I feel your pain, how far along are you? Don't worry about the baby, it will take everything it needs from your own reserves so don't add that to your worries for now, just remember to stay hydrated. To be honest I really found no relief at all, I was vomiting 24 hours a day and nothing worked. The only thing I could do was think of some food that didn't immediately make me want to throw up and then just eat that. At one stage I spent about 3 days eating nothing but rancheros as they were the only thing that stayed down. For most people though it will end from around 14 weeks or so, not for me i'm afraid as at 27 weeks I'm still sick and vomiting but apparently I'm one of the 'unlucky few' who it carries on for for the whole pregnancy! One thing I did find great was acupuncture, it didn't ease the nausea at all but at least it stopped me vomiting for a few days so that I could eat something. Some people get relief from eating dry things like ginger biscuits or crackers and for some it helps to never be hungry, just eat little and often, generally the blander the better. Hope it eases soon!
Thinkerbell Posts: 187
I really feel for you, poor thing. They say eat dry bread and crackers sometimes that helps, but I was like sinion, nothing would help, doctor gave me tablets and then ended up in hospital cause I couldn't evan keep down water. I was off work for 4 weeks and spent it all in bed the only time I got relief from feeling sick was when I was asleep. If you can take time off work and take it very easy. Sometimes I found mashed potatoe helped, small amounts at a time and every half hour or so. Dont let your stomach get emty cause it just makes you feel worse. I'm 18 weeks now and it has eased off, still feel sick at times but it'll be worth it in the end :lvs
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
hey ttc2007, how are you doing today? I was sick 24hrs a day for 2 weeks at the start of my pg. Nothing worked for me; ginger biccies, wrist band, crackers etc. I was getting sick a good bit any time of the day. In the end, the only thing that worked for me is eating whatever I fancied. At the start, I ate alot of white toast, then when I got some appetite back, whatever took my fancy I ate. Like one day it was tortilla & dip and carbonara. I know it's very hard to even think about food let alone stomach looking at it. Take as much time off work as you need, just rest and drink water. You will get through it although it prob doesn't feel like it. I rem lying in bed day after day crying my eyes out as I ws so sick of being sick. It will pass, hang in there :lvs
bride. Posts: 3014
Please don'w worry about baby, i barely ate anything for the first 16 weeks and even then what I did eat was nutritionally void but baby takes what baby needs. So many doctors told me that and I didn't really believe them til I saw the healthy scans. If you feel bad enough, like you're getting dehydrated you can go to the hospital and they will put you on a drip and give you enti emetic tablets to stop you vomiting. You can also get them from your gp if you push it. They are safe during pregnancy but gps seem very reluctant to prescribe them. Let us know how you get on.
chicam Posts: 1169
Hiya, sorry to hear you're sick >:o( I suffered with hyperemesis until about 18 weeks & even now I have days where I'm not great. I feel your pain - I spend all day, every day being sick and wanted to die most of the time, it was horrible. I didn't find much relief in anything but after a while could stomach drinking lucozade sport & yop! Just keep trying to find things you can hold down, and don't worry about the baby - they say the sicker you are, the healthier it is, and they don't suffer from you not eating. Just watch you don't start losing lots of weight, I lost 5kgs in 2 wks and after that the Doc sent me for a drip and put me on anti-sickness tablets. If you start losing weight, go see your Doctor immediately. Best of luck, hope you're one of the people that it goes away for around 14 wks!