constipation in pregnancy

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sindyc Posts: 107
Hi all, Am suffering with awful constipation for the last few days. Am eating my weetabix, brown breads, oranges, kiwis and loads of water etc..Was advised to get laxose in the chemist. Anyone else on this? How do you find it and is it safe to take in pregnancy? TIA, S.
Tess72 Posts: 1173
My pregnancy book recommends fybogel. They're sachets you add water to and take on in the morning and one in the evening. You can get them in the Chemist. I'd recommend adding linseed and sunflower seeds to your cereal in the morning too. Wheetabix on it's own itsn't enough for me, I need to add seeds to it. Also veggies work better than fruit for me. Spinach or brocolli are good. You might need to vary the sources of fibre you're eating as I think your system gets used to it and it's stops being as effective. That's what I find anyway.
baby-bel Posts: 929
maybe get some bran (not the cereal) as in the wheat germ kind also as you can shake that over anything you eat
rushinbride Posts: 1097
I've a bowel condition and I suffer with constipation a lot, I've been adviced I can take everything while pregnant, as the bowel works entirely different to the utereus, I take enemas also on a daily basis (sorry if its tmi)...if I were you tho, I'd try avoid laxatives as best you can, cause you'll get really crampy after them and that will worry you more. As baby-bel said wheat germ is great, you can add spoons of it to your wheatabix (as well as mashed banana on top) or add it to yoghurts and fruit...also as someone else said linseed...mash 2 or 3 peeled kiwi's in a bowl and springle either linseed or wheatgerm over it, maybe some yoghurt too....its actually very tasty! There is no taste really from wheatgerm so literally you can add it to anything!!