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Elliecat Posts: 2725
Hi, anyone know a Dr Heasley in Craigavon? I'm gonna stick with public, but this is who I'm down to have my scan with. Do you actually see one particular consultant when you're public? I'm sooo clueless!!!
Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hi I had contemplated going to craigavon as well and was going to go private with Dr Heasley - a couple of firend and a sister went to him and he is supposed to be great - I couldn’t get him as he was not taking on any more patients apart from mothers he had had already so I decided to go to Newry and public with Dr Sims. I have only heard good things about him though so that should reassure you. My sis said he was great!!! Not sure how often you see them when you are public - I only seen my dr sims once but have appointment next week so may see him again then!!!you may actually see one of the consultaqnts which work under him though
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Thanks that's good to know. Haave you heard anything about the mid-wife led unit in Craigavon? I might try to find out more about it, I think the idea of getting to know your midwife before hand sounds like a good one.
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
Hi Ellie, I am in Craigavon under consultant Mr Shiohad (not sure correct sp) I saw him at my first apt was about 14wks for my scan, then the 22wk scan was in the main hosp x-ray dept, then 29wk scan he wasnt there was an evening apt so theyre bringing me back next week to see him they think I might be just over a week earlier now so he will make the decision if they will change my dates. Now about the Mid Led Unit, my midwife was telling me about this & I am very interested. Am not sure about getting an epidural and this the only thing they cant do, so you get your own en-suite room and the only difference is there are no docs there but if there is a prob or you want an epidural (if your not too far gone) you can still opt to be moved to the main mat dept where the docs are. I think I am all being well going to go here, my friend stayed here last year & she said it was great far better than the normal mat ward!!! HTH Lucy
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Thanks Lucy, think I'll ask about it next week too. I'd prefer to go without the epidural if at all possible, and the fact that you're right beside the main hospital is a plus in case of any complications.
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
Hey Ellie, Good Luck with your apt!! I saw my friend in the led unit & it was very clean & private which is another major bonus she had her first the mat dept and she said she would go the led unit now everytime!! Lucy