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Esme2010 Posts: 94
Hello, Just got my BFP and am due in July!! So excited and so nervous at the same time! I wonder if anyone could recommend a consultant in Mount Carmel? As far as I know I have to pick one and have no idea where to start. Any help would be appreciated! :thnk
Maxi-Babe Posts: 327
Congratulations on your BFP!!!! it's such an exciting time! There are some consultants who sit in Mount Carmel and some that sit in their own private clinic outside of the hospital, namely the Landscape Clinic in Rathfarnham. You will have your baby in Mt Carmel, the only difference is where you will visit your consultant during your check ups and scans. My consultant was Gerry Rafferty, I saw him in the Landscape. I have to say, I loved every aspect of my care with him. There were hardly any delays or queues when I saw him, the clinic was very nice (probably even nicer now as they have moved into new premises) and Maura the midwife was absolutely fantastic. The care I received in Mt Carmel when I had DS was fantastic, the patient-nurse ratio was great, and I wanted for absolutely nothing. If and when we go for number two, I will definitely go with Gerry Rafferty, Landscape Clinic and Mt Carmel again. Wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy :thnk
Esme2010 Posts: 94
Thank you so much Maxi-Babe My doctor did mention him - he said he was a bit of a "nutty professor" but in the nicest possible way!! Will probably go with him so. Thanks again :thnk
Maxi-Babe Posts: 327
No problem - kind of know what your doctor meant about Gerry Rafferty! He is SO laid back he is practically horizontal. I had a few complications with my pregnancy, which effected my birth options, but I never, ever felt there was ever any drama with him. When I began to get nervous about things as we all do, he was so calm and collected, which I personally felt was great for me. I have read some other forums where he is mentioned and some people did not like that approach so much, but despite the laid back and calm approach I never once felt that he wasn't taking great care of me. My DH loved him too, whenever I went for appointments and scans DH always came with me and Gerry Rafferty always made him feel very included and he has always said that he was made feel that both of us had a baby, and not just me IYKWIM. If you need to know anything else at all, please just let me know Best of luck!
Emme Posts: 4735
Hi there, all the consultants in Mt. Carmel get raved about on here so you'll be in safe hands in any case. From personal experience I was under Dr. Dockery in Charlemont Clinic. When I booked in with him he fairly much knew he wouldn't be around when the baby was due but I didn't mind and went with him for the pregnancy anyway. Exceptionally straightforward and kind man. Dr. Tunney was my consultant on the day and he was so nice. Like Maxi babe said the care in Mt, Carmel is unreal, the days fly cause there is someone in to see you every hour almost and what with your meals, tea, cakes in the afternoon - I'm shallow, I don't care - your time in there will be so relaxing and really sets you up for going home. Best of luck and congrats!! Emme
Esme2010 Posts: 94
Thanks for the comments Emme & Maxi-Babe - you`re very good. They are sending me an information pack tomorrow so Ill have a look at that and then book myself in!!
Mammy101 Posts: 446
I'm with Dr. Patrick Tunney (Orwell Medical Centre). Best decision I ever made! His wife's sonography practice is in the same place as well - so you can see the Doctor, and have your scans all in the one place. Also his fees include a 3D/4D scan. And he is just around the corner from Mt Carmel, so if you need to get aby bloods done, you can just walk from his place to the hospital.