Consultant Interventions

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Diddums Posts: 204
Just curious - if your delivery requires forceps or a ventouse, does the midwife do this, or is the doctor required ? What other procedures require the consultant to attend ? Obviously a C-Section has to be done by a doctor, but are there any others ?
bumble bee 99 Posts: 101
Hi Diddums, A doc does forceps or vaccum delivery but ur m/w stays with you. Its one to one midwifery care doc might be asked to review certain things during labour like when your baby is being monitored etc. If your an induction the doc will give you the prostin gels or may break your waters.
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
I know if your private your consultant will be with you all the way and make all the decisions about any interventions. I had a forceps delivery 3 weeks ago and consultant did it all and was instructing the midwives right through my labour HTH *)
theoracle Posts: 7664
Whether you are public or private, any intervention beyond normal birth are made by and executed by a consultant. I had a really long labour on my first and a cons come to check up regulalry to monitor progress, but miwifes were with me all the way. In teh end I needed a forceps delivery which was executed by a cons, the midwife was still there with me helping me with the pushing (she was feeling the contractions and telling me when to push as I had a full epi). Introduction of any drugs to assist labour is also decided by cons (eg oxytocin), and certain types of fetal monitoring. The only difference with private is that the cons is there even when you do not need him, as you are paying for him to be there. I was delivered by 2 midwifes on dd2 as I had a completely natural birth with no interventions and they were absolutely fab, there was no need for a cons whatsoever and had I been there privately he would have been there just to 'catch' the baby at the very end and charge me for it.