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christmasbaby Posts: 100
Hi all, I was just wondering what happens at the first consultant appointment? The way it has worked out for me, I can't get appointment till I'm 17 weeks. Is this too late or is the main thing the scan (& I can get a private one before that anyway) I have an appointment with the midwife, to book in etc at 13 weeks & they said I may get a scan in outpatients, just can't guarantee it. Anyway really I'm just wondering if I will be missing anything else by having consultants appointment so late? Thanks in advance x
cazz1 Posts: 30
Hiya, I booked in with the midwife at 12 weeks and two days later went to hospital (Coombe) for a dating scan (it mentioned it on the letter I received about the midwives appointment). I had my consultants appointment at 16 weeks and all she did was check my file - blood results, dating scan and did a quick little scan to check baby's heart beat. I've to go back to her at end of this month when I'll be 26 weeks. I think the big scan is the most important as it's an anomaly scan and they check everything for size, position, shape, fluid. Which hospital are you attending? Seemingly it depends on the hospital as to whether a dating scan is done around the 12 week mark. Cheers, Cazz :)
theoracle Posts: 7664
The appointments early on are few and far between and then they bump up towards the end of pregnancy. There isnt much exciting happening at consultant appointments, the routine ones include bp check, urine testing and usually a quick listen to the heartbeat and quick exam. Sometimes they give you a quick mini scan (blink and you miss it :)) My top tip would be that if you are unsure about anything pregnancy related, make a list of questions and ask. The information will rarely be offered upfront so don't be shy in asking, it is all about being assertive!
christmasbaby Posts: 100
Thanks for your replies, think I will stick with it. Had been attending another doc & am getting regular blood tests so I think I should be ok waiting. I might get a private scan at around 12 weeks just for reassurance. Thanks again x Edited to say I'm attending Cavan!