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Angel2 Posts: 787
Girls, As you know my Doctor told me officially last Tuesday that I got my BFP so I wondered how long does it take to receive my appointment from the Consultant in Cork? Also, what usually happens in your first appointment with the Consultant?
TheBigDay Posts: 651
Hi Angel, Don't know much about all this but I would advise you to get one booked asap. I have heard that Cork has a shortage of consultants. Maybe call your dr. for a recommendation?? Good luck.
Mrs Mai Posts: 763
That's the way it was for me, confirmed bfp with doctor and he gave me a list of consultants, I chose one and then his sectarary booked him for me. I had my first appointment at 13 weeks. This was combined care so it was every second visit - gp then consultant. This was 2 years ago. Congrats btw!
Angel2 Posts: 787
Thanks girls. I may have to go for an elective section for medical reasons so my Doctor is going to sort out my Consultant for me. What usually happens at the first consultation?
Ducky Posts: 2506
Hiya fellow Rebel... All Cork consultants are heavily/fully booked at the moment, I heard my doc's secretary saying that on the phone just today so get on to them quick. I am with Barry O'Reilly at the Consultant's Clinic at CUH, which he shares with Susanne O'Sullivan, John Coulter and Richard Green. Others I have heard good things about are Ishmal (sp?), Prof Higgens, and if you can afford him, Waterstone. First visit is not normally until about 17-18 weeks but you will have a dating scan at about 12 weeks. You pay half up front if private and you will fill in a million forms at first visit. You will need to have the following with you: Letter from GP Insurance details (if any) Blood test results from GP, especially blood type Family medical history (back as far as grandparents, no further) Any gyne history you have Scan pics and letter Urine sample Generally, a midwife or nurse will weigh you, check sample, do BP and give you loads of stuff to read. She will explain how the next few months go. Then you see the gyne, who will usually do a scan and not much more at first visit. It's all about the paperwork at the first one! Best of luck!
Angel2 Posts: 787
Thank you so much Ducky. I really appreciate that. You're a star. That really explains everything that I need to know. My Doctor said that she would sort out my Consultant for me, because of the need for a section. Yes I'm going private but didn't realise that you'd have to pay half up front. Thanks again :thnk :thnk