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breeze Posts: 1175
Can any of you mums 2 be recommend a good consultant in the Coombe. They are going to send me out a list and i can ring around then. Thanks in advance :thnk
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
I'm seeing Dr O'Connor (although I'm not preggars, still trying!) and I think he's great - I have a cousin who's pregnant and seeing him and she raves about him too.
breeze Posts: 1175
Thanks for that Mrs Peg :thnk
irish bride Posts: 558
My MIL works in the Coombe and said there is a new woman doc working there now who is supposed to be very good, Dr Murphy. Sorry but i dont know her first name...
babe06 Posts: 898
My Friend is seeing Dr. O'Connor and loves him and I'm seeing Dr. D'arcy and absolutely adore him. It turns out were in the same room (purely by chance) - me in the morning and her in the afternoon - so that might have a baring on who you pick.
breeze Posts: 1175
Thanks for all your replies girls, got the info in the post this morning and im gonna make a few phone calls today O-O
oldwolnewman Posts: 58
I had Dr Darcy - man is a gent
breeze Posts: 1175
Hey Oldwomannewman Ive just booked Dr. D'Arcy, and have appointment for the 25th May :o)ll :o)ll
babe06 Posts: 898
Oh You'll love him he's juts fab - makes you feel so much at ease. And will insist on scanning you every time - which is great - and actually seems more interrested in the scans than we are sometimes. He actually did a demonstration on how baby was doing a jig on my bladder last time! Dh loves him to. I had loads of questions on last visit and he slagged me saying should he order tea for everyone in the waiting room!! But answered every one of them in full detail. Don't worry if he seems a bit ovasive at first - the more you go the more he checks.
breeze Posts: 1175
Oh babe06 looks like i picked the right chap so. When his secatary(SP) told me his fee i was like :eek :eek :eek :eek just aswell the SSIA came in on time. Oh im so excited now, i think i might have to change my ticker, by my records and Dr im 6 weeks this wednesday. You go by the day of your last period. Is that right?