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jordan13 Posts: 71
Hi excitedbride2013, I really dont know... Out of principal I dont think I would have gone if I had to pay 50 when no other shop seem to be doing this. I think it is crazy! but on the other hand I do see how it has to be v frustrating to spend so much time on people that are going to order online. Im disgusted because I have 2 friends that are getting married next yr and I was raving to them how good she is and to go but I really cant see them going now if they have to pay! I really dont think that fee applys to people that are going back on a 2nd app. she didnt say and i only booked last wk.
Finicky Fi Posts: 2134
In the case if Dinah Modes, it's money well spent. Like all service providers, she can charge whatever she wants, it's up to the customer whether they'll pay or not.
wedding12 Posts: 25
MrsAmy Posts: 983
TownBride in Powerscourt are brilliant! Really lovely and helpful! And white room in Mullingar has some lovely dresses!!