Dear All, The regional Chapters of AIMSI Mid Leinster and Northeast have met and expressed an interest in working with management in creating a series of consumer groups for women in the Dublin region to mirror those on the Northeast at Cavan and Drogheda. AIMSI are currently concentrating on the Rotunda Maternity Hospital, NMH at Holles Street and the Coomb Women's Hospital. [b:8e3uitxu]Why a Consumer Group? [/b:8e3uitxu] Consumer groups offer a unique partnership between Carers, Hospital Management and Consumers and help initiate communication within the hospital and the community it serves. Consumer groups are widely beneficial, both to the hospital and those who wish to get involved. A Consumer Group would offer a unique platform for the Community and Hospital to find ways to further expand on the excellent service provided by the hospitals and to work together on problem solving. AIMSI North East and Mid-Leinster base these recommendations on the success of the OLOL Drogheda and Cavan groups, to which AIMSI have had the pleasure of being involved in. The OLOL and Cavan Consumer Group has made huge strides and has created keen international interest in creating a variety of sub-groups targeting key issues in these maternity units. Areas of focus include: Policy Guidelines and Protocols, Information, Home Birth and Midwife Led expansion schemes, Multicultural Issues, and Post Natal issues. AIMSI would like to replicate the format and success of the Northeast Groups at Cavan and OLOL Drogheda for the Dublin area. In the effort of breaking ground on this exiting prospect, AIMSI North East and Mid-Leinster have created several online surveys for mums/dads who access the 3 major Dublin Hospitals at NMH, The Coombe, and The Rotunda in order to ascertain if a Consumer Group would be well received with Consumers within the hospitals' catchment areas. AIMSI would also like to gage interest in Consumer Representatives (you and me!) on becoming involved with a Consumer Group and also the level of interest in representatives from Community/Support organisations locally for involvement. AIMSI North East and Mid-Leinster would like to emphasise that a Consumer Groups at the 3 Dublin Hospitals would further extend the approachable and excellent care provided in the Dublin hospitals and would reflect the strong progressive ethos already in existence. If you are interested in becoming involved with the Consumer Groups or would like to attend an AIMSI Regional meeting please contact AIMSI at Thank You!!! [b:8e3uitxu]SURVEY LINKS[/b:8e3uitxu] NMH: Coombe: Rotunda: