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Tragen Posts: 370
I recently moved to another European country and am amazed at the amount of things I cannot easily get here. For example: Neutrogena hand cream,and Johnson and Johnson products after 10 shops eventually found it Berocca (even though made by german company) Nail polish remover.... took weeks!! Baking powder, baking soda, caster or icing sugar Then there are the obvious Irish products that I miss: Barry's Tea Ballymaloe Relish Tayto chrisps So my question to you wollies... if you left Ireland what consumer products would you miss the most?
Jawl Posts: 8881
Taytos Proper chocolate Tanora Dairygold
Tragen Posts: 370
Ah i forgot butter!!! Have given it up here... :o(
ShutterBug Posts: 1056
Tayto - Monster Munch, Salt and Vinegar, Chipsticks and Hunky Dorys Lyons Tea Sausages and rashers I was away for 6 months and Twix bars were the only chocolate I could find that tasted like it does here. Nail polish remover, thats so funny, youd think it would be an easy product to find.
Tragen Posts: 370
Fake tan is non-existent here... they bake themselves outside the minute the sun shines instead i bought what I thought was an aero (different name, same packaging) on Friday as a treat.... it was yuck.... was so disappointed! but H2B bought me some Milka Double Cream yesterday.... all I can say in Yum!!!
FrenchToast Posts: 433
Miss loads of things and it so hard to replace them ;o) Home made Brown bread Lyons tea....get them posted over Glenisk Yogurts Weetabix Cereal bars Bisto Ballymaloe relish Kellogs Rice Krispie bars Im sure there is loads more but I can't think now
micls Posts: 1156
Most beauty products here have whitening in them! So hard to even get a suncream without it. I miss tayto and crisps the most. The chocolate here is poor too and I'd kill for some good rashers, sausages and black pudding!
lolabelle Posts: 3311
My mother is like a mule! Every time she comes over she's got Lyons, a huge block of cheddar cheese, schwartz cajun seasoning, M&S choccy biccies and sometimes I get her to get me leggings from Dunnes because the ones here are super expensive and I only use them for casual wear so a pair that costs a fiver does me nicely thanks very much! I miss a good rasher sambo on brennan's bread. Oh oh oh and the butter here .... GAG. It took me AGES to find one that I liked. Its President (a French butter) and it tastes nearly like Kerrygold! :o)ll
Tragen Posts: 370
I'm going home for a weekend in mid-June and will be checking a bag, to accommodate my lengthy list of things to buy!!