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brideorbridezilla Posts: 512
I got my contraceptive implant out on Thursday. I have been on the pill for 10 years and quit it a week ago also. Me and my OH decided to go off everything and only use condoms. However (TMI time) last nite we stupidly had unprotected s3x. Do you think I need the morning after pill or will the build up of the pill for 10 years cover me. Can't get pregnant right now and feel the fear lol!!! Thanks... (embarrassed feeling like a 20 year old) :-8
FutureWife Posts: 298
It's unusual to be on both . You'll really need ti get your GP to work out the dates etc if your still covered like the seven day break or not ,depends on the dose . A trip to GP is cheaper than the alternative . no one here is really going to be able to advise you properly , even if they try isn't it a bit serious not to get proper help ? It can be tough to get a half day etc but it's worth it for peace of mind
streaks Posts: 3592
If your not planning a Pregnancy then I would get the MAP. Better safe than sorry, some people can be extremely fertile straight after coming off the pill so I wouldn't take any chances. Probably not what you want to hear, but it's available over the counter at least you don't have to pay 50quid to the doc aswell!
FutureWife Posts: 298
I guess I suggested GP so you can get yourself sorted with an alternative contraception, you might get carried away again ! two birds one visit IYKWIM
Girl From Mars Posts: 1446
You were on both the pill and the implant?! I'd definitely seek a doctor's advice before messing around with the MAP given the hormone levels that might be in your system.
Doozer28 Posts: 881
There is a good chance you're not pregnant but if it's not the right time for you I wouldn't take the chance. Your gp won't be able to tell you when or if you ovulated so I would think you're better off going straight to a pharmacy for the morning after pill.
brideorbridezilla Posts: 512
I was on both as the implant didn't agree with me and pill was to stop the bleeding!! That is why I am off everything now as I felt that I had too many hormones and felt that my body needed a break! Think I might go down to the 24hour doc as the point of high hormone levels already in my body is quite scary (live in England and still registered with doc at home)! Oh my god, thought all of this silliness was for teenagers :-8 as she goes onto ebay to bulk buy durex :-8
Anahita Posts: 1161
Why did you need the impant then if you had to use the pill anyway? Sorry I'm just nosey Have you had a period since stopping everything? I would say you're fine, I once missed two pills and went for the MAP, the doc said coz of where I was in my cycle I'd have been fine but as I was there she gave it to me anyway. But the wait for a period will kill you so you're best off getting it, but just go the chemist instead of forking out a docs fee as well
brideorbridezilla Posts: 512
Hi Skinnymini!! Yes seems weird I was on both. Was on the pill for years, got the implant, didn't agree with me dur to heavy bleeding, doc put me back on pill to stop bleeding then I got it out last thursday and have stopped everything, My period finished on yesterday morn, but the thing is becasue I was on so many hormones, with irregular periods I don't know my cycle so can't jugde if I am likely to be ok or not!!! MAP it is... In terms of being on both....Basically what I can guess is that the doc was pushing the implant to all women in the surgery and trying to get them all to keep it in (hence why she put me back on the pill, I was only off it 3 months). My guess is that she was doing a trial or study and was looking for high success rates with it, but that could be me overanalysing lol!!!
Anahita Posts: 1161
I see. Yeah in that case you wouldn't really know when you ovulated, though I doubt it'd be so early but better safe than sorry. If you go to the chemist and are anything like me you'll walk in and out ten times before you ask :o0 I'd say they thought I was trying to fleece the place