Convertible Beauford (car) - any supplier?

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SUMO Posts: 543
Hi All Does anyone know of any car suppliers that have a convertible beauford (an old one not a new one)? It's for my sister's wedding in September - she's getting married in Castle Durrow (church is the one in Abbeyleix) Thanks Sumo :wv
Greece Posts: 1800
Did you try think they have a few!!
Greece Posts: 1800
Sorry thats
SUMO Posts: 543
Thanks a million Diamond Diva - I'm just working my way through the supplier directory and it seems that my sister is looking for the impossible as she'd ideally want an original If anyone has any other suggestions that would be great :wv
MRS July 07 Posts: 65
wed2Day do them there phone number is 0862641304 / 0863596617 Hope you get what you are looking for Access irish limos do one aswell i do know that it is a new one there number is 0872993723
Mrs Knockers Posts: 3514
[quote="Diamond Diva":20u1hbig]Sorry thats [/quote:20u1hbig] I got mine from here too - they're such nice people to deal with!
maybride08 Posts: 258
We oringinally wanted a true vintage Beauford but in the end decided on the new version of the Beauford primarily because of the reliability of the vintage car - basically nobody could assure us that the car would definitely work on the day, whereas they did on the new version.
Mrs Knockers Posts: 3514
Mine is the new version as well - I think it's a 02?
mini07 Posts: 282
I know that Dixons in Dundalk do convertible Beaufords, don't know if they would travel that far though - no harm in asking, they have a website its
SUMO Posts: 543
Hi girls Ah thanks a million for all the replies. I've phoned a good few places now and it seems like no-one has an original but I think I've come up with a happy medium :o)ll - a replica model but with old looking plates (if that makes sense). I talked to my sister this morning about the original ones and she seems happy enough that she could get one with the old looking plates. Can I just ask - how much did you pay for your cars? Thanks again sumo :wv