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adoherty2424 Posts: 257
Hey There I m looking for some feedback on coolbawn quay, if anyone has feedback or pictures or even advise.
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
I was BM at my sisters wedding in August 2006; awhile ago now! It was an amazing venue. Sooo beautiful. The marquee was great but the loos are abit of a walk. Luckily for us it was Summer so didn't matter but wouldn't fancy it if it was raining. They had their drinks reception on the marina and it was lovely. The staff are very friendly and I loved that it has cottages for the guests rather than a hotel and it was just the wedding guests there. They had the place exclusively for two nights. There are draw backs to every venue, the important thing is that the good points out way the bad. I love the area anyway, so I might be biased. Terryglass church was gorgeous for the service too. I was thinking of having my wedding reception there too but wanted to have my own day I suppose and not have ours compared too much. Coolbawn gets a thumbs up from me anyway. :o)ll
adoherty2424 Posts: 257
Hi Bride80, Thanks a million for your feedback so many venues and I just cant decide !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks