Coombe - Cost of Private vs Semi Private

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aligator Posts: 19
Hi Wondering if you could help me please. Could anyone advise what the cost of Private V's Semi Private is in the Coombe. I have quinn healthcare family plan. Also if I was to go semi private is there anyway I could change at the end and get a private room. My biggest fear is not having my own room. I had a nightmare on my first baby as a public patient so just wondering. Thanks in advance.
Hoping42 Posts: 536
Hi there, SP in the Coombe costs 750 euro and 100 euro per scan (of which you have to pay for a max of 3). You will then go onto a SP ward with 4 beds, provided they can accommodate you at the time. I haven't heard of a SP patient getting a private room but someone on here might be able to help you there. When I phoned to enquire about SP the lady on the phone was very helpful and she said the care you will receive up to having babs is the exact same as public, the only difference is the Ward you are on after you have the baby. Private depends on your consultant but it around 3.5k. You will get your own room, or if there isn't one available straight away they will move you into it when it becomes free. Best of luck with your decision.