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pippen Posts: 50
:stork: Hi all, wondering who people would recommend in the coombe and rough estimate of price :eek . Did anyone go to Prof Daly or D'arcy ? Thanks a million. Went semi priv in holles st my other pregnancies but living nearer coombe now. Thanks a million.
ellee Posts: 666
Hi there congratulations! I was public in the Coomber under Mary Anglim. Found her to be really good and never made you feel rushed. Vg to take time with you and listen to your questions. She definitely does private and I think her fee is around €3,500 plus VHI contribution. HTH!
macsmissus Posts: 928
My friend went private in the Coombe last yr - not sure what consultant she attended but I know she paid in the region of 3.5k.
porshe Posts: 1359
Hi I went with t Darcy on last pregnancy and going to him for this one too. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is in the region of 3.5/4k but with every cent IMO.
pippen Posts: 50
:thnk That's great girls. Thanks. :babydust:
goldielocks09 Posts: 65
HI there I am attending Prof Deirdre Murphy, would highly recommend her. Was going to her when I miscarried last year and she was so nice and now back to her on this pregnancy and she is really easy to deal with and I have to say I like going to a female doctor, just a personal thing for me She costs €4,000 aprox. hope this helps and good luck
Baby10 Posts: 318
I'm going private in Coombe - have Sharon Sheehan (who is standing in for Mary Anglim) she's very good, really patient and you never feel rushed. The fee was €3000 for us but I think that was because Mary will not be back until Sept/Oct, could normally be more. But you could give them a ring and see.
agadoo Posts: 144
Hi Pippen We are private in the Coombe and I'm going to Darcy too because I had heard loads of great things about him. He is a lovely guy with a nice way about him and very patient. No question seems too silly which I like because this is my first pregnancy so I'm all about the ridiculous questions! it costs 3950 euro and you can claim 20% back HTH
Mrsh09 Posts: 282
Hi Pippen :wv , a huge congrats to you and your partner. I second baby10, I'm currently attending Sharon Sheehan and could not recommend her highly enough, I had to spend a couple of days in there last week and Sharon was in to see me every morn at 7.30, at lunch, in the eveing and again last thing at night, she even took calls at all hours of the morn as the midwife needed permision to give me injection, she is definitely worth every cent. HTH
hopeful1973 Posts: 4385
Girls can I jump on here, how do I go about going private with The Coombe?? I sent off an email to an address I got but the form I was sent has just Public or Semi Private at the top of it?? Does anyone know who I can email or ring? Anyone going to Hugh O'Connor, I heard he was good too? thanks girls Hx