Coombe public scans question

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bear80 Posts: 85
Hi all. Am attending Coombe public. Have had dating scan at 12 weeks and have [b:23l1jpvu]first consultants appointment [/b:23l1jpvu]at 17 weeks. My question is do I have a scan at this appointment or do I go back again for 20 week scan?? Mostly want to know as hubby has limited time off work don't want to drag him along if no scan and he doesn't need to be there. Thanks. x :wv
Nadie Posts: 1111
Hi, I looked at this link that was put up about scans I was devastated to read that the Coombe don't necessarily give you any scans after the first dating scan at 12 weeks. It seems madness to me, I thought Ireland was supposed to have really good pre natal care! I haven't been in for my 17 weeks apt yet, so I can't actually answer your question, just thought you should brace yourself for the possibility of no more scans...
aylala Posts: 3673
i was just talking about this the other day and a girl i know is attending the coombe public and has had 4 or 5 scans! I was curious how she had that many and i was wondering was she high risk and hadn't said anything. Obviously its her own business but i didnt think you got that many.
Princess_Jessabell Posts: 291
anyone i know attending the coombe public got a little mini scan in the consultants office. i hope i do :o0
Babybop. Posts: 592
Hi i've had 3 kids in the Coombe and every visit i had on the 3 of them i had a mini scan in the consultants office and i was a public too.