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rock-n-roll-wife Posts: 6579
ok... last AF was a GOOD few weeks late (i did a couple of pg tests both negative) and then was VERY heavy and lasted 7 days... been gone for a week now and then yesterday when i'm supposed to be during my most fertile stage there was a teeny smidgen of browny coloured discharge on tissue..and what i can only describe as a sticky globule.. today there was nothing until now.. just went to loo and there's a good bit more browny discharge and a couple of globules.. this has NEVER happened before... what the feck is it? xx
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
:o0 I just told you in H&F to post here....sorry I can't help you
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi Rock and Roll, i just posted a very similar topic here (TMI Question).
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
hey girls, i'm not 100% sure as to why you were late but it could be that you just ovulated later that month for whatever reason - sometimes it can be stress or whatever. i'm not sure why it was longer/heavier either - just something to watch out for in future. as for the gloupy stuff - it sounds like cervical mucus and it could be tinged with blood because sometimes you can get that when you ovulate, when the egg pops out of the follicle. if you hadn't done the pregnancy tests i would have said you possible had a very early miscarriage but the fact there were negative really rules that out. hope that helps.
Mama Smurf Posts: 1447
Are you sure you're not/were pregnant RnR. It sounds like you may have had a very early miscarriage.
so_clear Posts: 397
Hi, I just posted on the TMI Question post - I had that last month Kim. I think it's just a little blood in the EWCM due to ovulation, so it's nothing to worry about and in fact could be a good indicator that you're super-fertile, so grab your man!!! *)