Cord finish pulsating before clamping???

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Relaxedbridetobe Posts: 201
Hi Ladies, Hope your all well? Wonder if anyone can explain the importance of the cord finishing pulsating before clamping when the baby is born??? I cant find anything on the web about it and dont understand why it would be so important. Thanks :wv
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
From what I understand as long as it's still pulsing baby is still getting goodness rom it so if you clamp it before it finishes pulsing you are stopping baby from getting everything it would take were it not clamped. I'm sure others could do a better job explaining - is Tracy about? She's always good for these type of questions.
GentleBirth Posts: 750
Hi Relaxedbride - I just bumped up the thread on premature cord clamping vs late cord clamping and the benefits for your baby. Tracy
Relaxedbridetobe Posts: 201
Thanks Tracy