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nohbe Posts: 253
I know this is the wrong place to post but thought i might get more traffic here. Just wondering would anyone know or recommend a nightclub in Cork City where it might be possible to reserve a small seating area for a hen party - maybe with a bit of room for dancing. Don't know any nighclubs in Cork so any suggestions would be helpful, thanks a mill :thnk
curliwurli Posts: 3369
havanas above reardens pub on washington street has a VIP area that would be perfect for this sort of thing. [url:uh0g0pkc][/url:uh0g0pkc]
nohbe Posts: 253
Thanks for that Curly Wurly - will check that out.
Tigger85 Posts: 15
Was going to say Havanas as well i think its most likely the best place to go for but if you have no luck let me know and ill give you details of other places you can try... Good Luck..!! :wv
Leftbank Posts: 2395
You can try The Classic on South Main St, has downstairs bar and v near to H Browns, SOHO is late night bar v good too..
nohbe Posts: 253
Thanks a mill girls for all the suggestions - hopefully we'll get sorted with one of those.
healy2b Posts: 85
Hey I would say defeinitely the CLassic!!! I am a bridesmaid for my friend and we had her hen in cork about a month ago. The first night we booked a table in havanas (Friday night) and when we had arrived in they had given it away because we hadn't been in before 12 or something like that and to be honest the music wasn't that great. A lot of dance tracks and nothing to get us girls bopping to at all. The sat night we went to the classic then and my god it was absolutely one of the best nights i have ever had! There is a bar downstairs (not sure if it is a late bar or not) but we stayed there most of the night becasue it was all 80's and 90's stuff like 'girls just wanna have fun', whitney heuston stuff , dirty dancing etc..some stuff i hadnt heard in years and we just danced the night away. When we went upstairs the music was a bit more mod but all pop stuff. The manager even gave us a bottle of champagne as it was a hen and all. Very accommodating now i have to say and no doubt they would hold a table for you i'd say. They even gave us free passes for the nightclub too. If heading out in cork again will head straight there!!Hope this helps! :wv