Cork or Galway Fertillity Clinic? Recommendations please

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redwifey Posts: 2932
[b:2312ub1j]Also posted in TTC[/b:2312ub1j] Hi girls Hoping somebody can advise me. A good friend of mine has been TTC for a while now with no luck. Her GP has agreed to refer her to a fertility clinic and has given her the option of Cork or Galway… Just wondering which of these clinics you would recommend and also is there any particular doctor in the clinic you would recommend? Thanks
katiemomma Posts: 2690
Hi I went to cork fertility clinic as it was only an hour away. once we atrted treatment I was up there about 5 times in 2 weeks so driving to galway for me would not be an option. It depends where she lives really we live 20 minutes away from our own counties fertility clinic but our GP said cork had better facilities. We got pregnant first time using IUI and we are having twins. I would hihgly recommend them. we only met our doctor once and that was peter wiegandt. It was always midwives after that. So much more at ease with the women doing things and having a gawk up there etc. Also it is across the road from the bons secour hospital and I had to have tests there so it was handy. Dr. waterstone is the head of the clinic but he only met me in the bons on one occasion. I wish your friend the best of luck. It takes at least 2 months to get an appointment she might get in on a cancellation . we were seen in may and started IUI in august could have done in July but I was away during the right times. So it all happened pretty quick in the end for us.
redwifey Posts: 2932
Thanks so much for letting me know KM - I'll pass all that on.