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rigot09 Posts: 53
we are thinking about booking our wedding in dromoland & are trying to discuss prices etc.we have heard recently due to the economic climate that couples have been allowed corkage...can anyone help ???
celticchick Posts: 151
Hey, Me and H2B went in January and there was no go with the corkage then.... maybe they have changed their mind. Dromoland works out very expensive esp compared to what you are getting now from other hotels with the downturn. The thing that turned me off the most were the guests rooms @ 380 per night....... With the way things are asking people to come to your wedding less chance of them staying the night with those prices..and I wanted guests to make a night of it so they can really enjoy themselves. thats just my 2 cents when i was deciding hope that helps...
zac Posts: 268
Hi blush 09, I really don't think you have a hope of getting corkage in Dromoland I am getting married there shortly and tried everything. I pulled as many strings as i could but couldn't budge them. U may get deals on other bits and bobs but it is just a question of asking. Best of luck with the planning!