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mrs gerard Posts: 1669
Pumpernickle Posts: 206
Hi Mrs G, My consultant (Limerick) is €3,000, it's combined care with my GP so I don't pay the GP anything. We pay €1,500 at 26 weeks and €1,500 at 36 weeks. I have Quinn health insurance so hospital stay etc is covered. As for the other costs..... it's really hard to say - depends on your personal choices. Do you want to buy everything new or would you be happy to use seconds.... I does help to start buying early - spread the costs out a bit....
oddwire Posts: 842
Also as regarding consultants fees, you will be able to claim back 20% through your tax credits, plus another small amount with your health insurer. Which is if you decide to go private. If you decide to go public it's all free. There was a thread recently discussing why people choose to go public or private if you want to have a look at that and get ideas.